A Brief Location History

Mueller Graphic Design has been residing in Scottsdale Arizona since 2005. Our first location was in The Arbors on Acoma Drive just off of Hayden Road in Scottsdale. Marketed as Dan Mueller Design.com, we were at that location for 8 months. We relocated to be directly inside of the apparel factory¬† down on 32nd Street and Washington. We were at that location for two years. We also ran Embroidery Direct from that location for 1 year. The embroidery business was sold, and then Mueller Graphic Design moved into “Old Town” Scottsdale.

In 2007, we moved to the historic Nuss Building in downtown Scottsdale, next to the Galeria. We were at that location until 2010. We then moved into the AR Mays Construction building. We then began Square One Marketing. The business was still owned and operated by Mueller Graphic Design. In January 2014, Mueller Graphic moved to its current Scottsdale Airpark location on the Greenway-Hayden Loop.