Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Design Services & Digital Pre Press, Scottsdale

Mueller Graphic Design Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona has over two decades experience in project management and professional graphic design. We are well rehearsed in the computer graphic realm, as well as experience in photography, illustration, and fine art.

• Digital Graphic Design
• Digital Photography
• Digital Pre-Press
• Logo Concept and Design
• Color Separations
• Typesetting and Layout
• Apparel Design & Manufacturing
• T-Shirt Art and Printing

These services help us to achieve professional results on projects ranging from vehicle wraps and billboards, to business card and advertising layouts. Mueller Graphic Design uses the latest and greatest industry-standard design software, ensuring that your files are capable of being used at other print houses, design firms, and media outlets.

Latest High-Tech Software
Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Photoshop 5 – CS4) * All versions between
Adobe Illustrator CS4 (Illustrator 10 – CS4)* All versions between
Adobe In-Design CS3 & CS4
Adobe Flash MX, Studio 8, CS, CS3 & CS4
Macromedia Freehand MX & Studio 8
Macromedia Flash Studio 8
Adobe Acrobat Professional CS4

* Mueller Graphic Design Studios runs on Apple Macintosh Version 10.6.8 (Mountain Lion)

Project Examples

• Poster Layout
• Business Card Design
• Retail Signage
• Packaging Design
• Presentation Kit Design, Concept & Layout
• Brochures
• Door Hangers
• Postcards
• Magazine Advertising
• Billboard Design