We encourage our clients and interested parties to review and understand all of our business policies regarding billable hours and billing methods for all of our services.

Web Design Commitment Terms & Conditions

Web design policy varies on a “per job evaluation” basis.

Some web concepts require a longer period of time to complete than others. For example, a three to five page “brochure” style website can be accomplished in as little as 16 hours. Other sites, that implement databases, Flash movies, slide shows, large photo galleries, feedback forms, downloadable PDF files, music, narration, etc… can take as long as a month.

During project agreement, time and money restraints will be discussed, and your projects final price will reflect these restraints that have been taken into consideration.

In order for Mueller Graphic Design to begin your web project:

1. Payment Procedure
Web projects and “hard-good” print projects do not start until a down payment of at least 50% of the quoted estimate is received via credit card, check, or cash payment.

2. New Client Form
Projects do not start until ALL INQUIRING CLIENTS has filled out a “New Client Form” which requires all new clients to supply Mueller Graphic Design with a valid credit card to be kept on file.

3. Updates and Redesigns
All web updates and “re-designs” are $80.00 per hour, or a $25.00 minimum. PHP programming and database construction is $100.00 per hour. Graphic Design hourly rates are $80.00 per hour. No exceptions.

4. Website Uploads and Updates
Websites are not posted until the remaining balance is paid in full. Any and all website designs remain the property of Mueller Graphic Design until any outstanding balance has been paid in full. If you have not paid your invoice IN FULL, then all contents, coding, graphics, pages, photographs, stock photograph purchases, etc.. still remains the property of Mueller Graphic Design, LLC. No exceptions.

5. Rush charges
Rush charges are applied to “overnight” projects, or deadline-oriented material that must be moved to a “priority status,” henceforth moving other projects from other clients back in the chain of work flow. Weekend Fees are applied to rush projects that arrive on a Friday, and must be done on Monday or Tuesday of the following week. Weekend rates are $150.00 per hour for Graphic Design and Web-Related updates in either HTML or PHP and back-end programming.

6. Kill Fees
Completed work with no response from customers and clients within a one week time frame will result in an additional $25.00 Kill Fee. Uncompleted projects are still charged accordingly, and all clients will be responsible for open communication between parties about the importance and priority of their projects. Projects that are cancelled, or are requested to be removed from scheduling result in your project being moved to the bottom of the list.

7. Content Charges / Content Creation
Content is the responsibility of the client, not Mueller Graphic Design & Marketing, LLC. If you cannot supply any content or do not wish to supply content, please be sure to state this prior to agreeing to use Mueller Graphic Design.

If a project requires RESEARCH, PHOTOGRAPHY, COPY WRITING, or any type of additional creative contribution towards the completion a project, an hourly charge will be applied.

Photography projects are $150.00 per hour. Research, and Copy writing are $100.00 per hour.

8. Outstanding Invoices (NEW POLICY EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2010)
There is a 20% Late fee Added to all outstanding invoices every 30 days. Every 30 days an invoice goes unpaid, late fees will be compounded. Unpaid invoices will be charged to the credit card that is kept on file for each account. After 90 days, if there is no attempt at payment or contact between parties, Mueller Graphic Design & Marketing, LLC. will consider your actions to be a breach of contract, and will pursue the avenue of settling any unpaid debt through the City of  Scottsdale  Small Claims Court System.

9. Proofing
All proofing is done via the Internet (unless otherwise requested) and is sent to you as a low-resolution JPG or PDF file. These files are not intended to be final, printable files, so we are not responsible for the premature usage of non-print ready files.

Receive of a proofing file is your acknowledgement that your project has started, and will be billed for hours that have accumulated during the course of time to create the proof, first draft, rough-draft, or any creative hours dedicated to your project.

10. SEO and Search Engine Visibility / Web Reviews and Online Marketing
SEO and Search Engine Marketing Packages do not start until payment is received. This is due to the nature that the work cannot be “retrieved” once submitted to online search engines or various parties involved with creating a viable website on the internet.

11. Apparel
Apparel projects require a 50% down payment. Full payment of apparel is due upon pickup or delivery. We accept Visa and MasterCard for fast payment.

12. Please remember:
All “requests” and “submissions” are treated as individual projects, and will be billed as individual projects. Any request received by telephone, email, or fax, will be subject to hourly billing charges.

Misc. Terms and Conditions

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I set up my own hosting and domain, and then have Mueller Graphic Design modify my existing website, or add to my website?
Absolutely. We can modify any website that is currently active. You will need to provide us with access to all account settings, and FTP information to your currently active website.

Is my artwork mine to keep and take elsewhere?
Absolutely. As long as you have no outstanding invoices, your artwork is yours to take. CD-ROMS are $5.00.

I got a quote from your competitor. Can you match or beat the price?
It all depends, but we want to say “YES.”  You will need to show us the written quote and all services to be performed for the price that has been quoted.

I want to sell online. What’s the easiest way to do so?
There are several options for speed and convenience. There are also several options for longevity, and expansion. Call us and we can tell you more.