Scottsdale Graphic Design

Mueller Graphic Design Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona has a proven track record of successful projects as well as an impressive portfolio of a variety of clients looking to further their success utilizing the internet, mobile web,  Social Media, direct mail marketing, co-op published advertising and radio marketing.

Having an online presence for your business means having your business open at all hours of the day to relay information or sell products, even when your doors are closed. With over 60 Million potential customers in the United States alone, how can you not afford to have a website?
Scottsdale-based graphic design studio Mueller Graphic Design Studio is located in the North Scottsdale Airpark Industrial complex in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mueller Graphic Design Studio is a Service-Oriented business that specializes in Graphic Design, Website Design, Internet Development, Web Applications, Digital Pre-Press, and discount professional off-set printing. We offer creative concepts and solutions to businesses in need of the following:

Design Studio for Print, Web and Marketing

  • A Website or Web-based presence
  • Marketing Presentation Kit
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Business Card Services for high-quantity / high-turnover employees
  • Corporate Apparel
  • Merchandise Apparel
  • POS and Retail Gift Cards
  • Advertising Layout and Digital Pre-Press
  • Marketing Strategies and Consultation

We are project-oriented artists.
Our artists & developers evaluate business needs, then orchestrate a project outline, and provide possible solutions to accomplish these needs.

We have been performing professional graphic design services in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2006. We have been located in Scottsdale since 2006 under Dan Mueller Design, Square One Marketing, LLC. and Mueller Graphic Design. Same great website design and graphic design services, just a couple of different names and locations.


Looking to revamp your companies image? Business Start Up?
Relocating your Business to Arizona?

Lets review what you need to do. Find a graphic designer and get logo and graphics done. Then you need to find a printer. You find out that the graphic designer gave you the files in the wrong format, so it’s back to the graphic designer. Now you have the files in the correct format for the printer. You get your business cards and brochures printed. Next you need to find a mail house so you can send out your brochures to all those potential customers. You decide you want some nice embroidered shirts for you and your employees. Time to find someone to do that, and guess what, they are going to tell you that you need to have your artwork digitized. How about some cool pens with your company name on them? You are finally ready to get your website built so you go to find a web developer. Once your website is completed you realize that no one can find it, so you go to a Search Engine Optimization firm to get you listed on all the popular search engines. You notice that all your competitors are also utilizing social media, now you have to go find a Social Media marketing firm.

This is a lot of work, and worst of all it is very time consuming. While you are running around doing all of this, who is running your business?  If you are in need of help and professional results, then let us provide these services. Please contact us today!

We could bore you with all the details of how we pull off the crazy black magic and voodoo what we do on computers. It would use words and phrases like: digital pre-press, e-commerce, image manipulation, relational database design, color separation, content management systems… you get the point. However, we think you would rather look at all of the amazing companies that have put their trust in us, or the awesome work that we have completed.

American Labor / Local Scottsdale Business
For the record, Mueller Graphic Design Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona  DOES NOT utilize cheap labor from India, Pakistan, or any other country in need of the American Dollar. We are a graphic design and website development studio. We have no need for any type of farming, farm town, farm aid, or anything that has to do with not using the talents we all ready have. Each and every one of our websites, printed projects, large format printed projects, and all SEO work is done right here in Scottsdale, Arizona. We keep our projects “in-house” without interference from third party businesses, let alone third world countries. We have been building products and projects for over ten years and still have not missed a deadline.

All of our print houses are located in Arizona, California and Texas. All of our large format printers are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and Phoenix, Arizona. We utilize GoDaddy (a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company) for all of our web hosting and domain registrations (unless otherwise specified by our clients). All apparel is printed in Phoenix, Arizona. The only product produced overseas is PVC Plastic Gift Cards, being that there is no printer in the United States with the coding and technology capabilities to produce such a product at a reasonable price for retail, wholesale and for re-sale.

Be happy to know that the money invested in your business is money invested in America!